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MLA Priority Endemic Diseases Report

The final MLA report estimating the total costs of key diseases of beef cattle, sheep and goats in Australia including an estimate of the achievable returns from improved control of disease is available below



Cattle Compensation Fund of Victoria BJD Review Report

The final report to the Victorian Cattle Compensation Fund summarising the epidemiology of Bovine Johne’s Disease, assessing and evaluating the (BJD) test and control (TCP3) program, evaluating feedback from stakeholders and  examining options for the future management of BJD is available via the link below

BJD Cattle Compensation Fund Final Report


ANZCVS Science Week 2015


The PDF of the slides on how to build a deterministic model of the cost of BVD in an endemic dairy herd presented by Richard at Science Week (Australian & New Zealand College of Veterinary Scientists – ANZCVS) in July 2015 is available via the link below

BVD Science Week 2015 Presentation



The PDF of the BJD presentation is available via the link below

BJD Science Week 2015 Presentation


ANZCVS Science Week 2016


The pdf of the presentation exploring the interaction between management and genetics in dairy herds on fertility, productivity and profitability. This deck explores how management drives the performance of genetics and how selection for fertility can provide paradoxical production benefits through enhanced culling.

G*E Science Week Presentation

 Geoffrey Gardiner Dairy Foundation

The commissioned review of dairy cow fertility report conducted for the GGDF is available via the link below

Gardiner Foundation Dairy Reproduction Review


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