Richard Shephard

Dr Richard Shephard is the principal consultant and managing director of Herd Health. Richard is a veterinarian with over ten years in production animal clinical practice in Australia and UK. He is also an epidemiologist with special interest in animal health information systems, health economics, data mining and analysis and disease modelling.

Richard works with individual farming clients, industry bodies, private companies and farming industry co-operatives. He has worked as a World Bank consultant. He founded HEARD Systems and was Head of Research from 2009 to 2013.

Richard has special interest in measuring and assessing the performance of production systems using sensors and automation


Terri Allen

Terri is a veterinarian with over twenty years clinical experience in mixed practice. Terri has a strong understanding of family farming systems having grown up on a large dairy farm. She has undertaken field work for more than twenty farm-based clinical studies and is familiar with study conduct and quality assurance systems for conduct of field work.