Herd Health is a specialist animal health company founded in 1998 by Dr Richard Shephard after a ten year career as a veterinary clinician. Herd Health was formed to develop a farm management consultancy and monitoring service for farmers that provides herd nutrition, pasture management, budgeting, finance and labour management alongside traditional animal health services.

We use our post-graduate training in epidemiology, data analysis, statistics and computer modelling to apply quantitative techniques for defining, analysing, assessing and modelling animal health and production problems. We work for industry organisations such as Dairy Australia, Meat & Livestock Australia, LiveCorp, departments of agriculture, research organisations and for private companies in the pharmaceutical, milk processing and herd improvement industries.

We seek and form collaborative teams for larger or unusual projects. We will identifying the required skill sets and find the right individuals to deliver the standard that we demand. We enjoy these challenges.